Patent Licensing

We endeavour to create alliances with manufacturing partners to produce irremovable container closures that will give customer confidence in the knowledge that the liquids that have been purchased are being utilized in the proper and controlled way and that misuse, pilferage contamination and waste are being prevented.

With multiple container and cap size configuration requirements and with the nature of our invention, our business at APERTURE® CLOSURES is to collaborate with nominated or existing cap closure and container manufacturers/suppliers under (Patent License), to deliver the size and configuration required, which will give access to a credible supply chain with a global reach whilst simultaneously benefiting the user with the innovative APERTURE® Irremovable Container Cap Closure technology.

Research And Development

Research and Development is provided to our customers to ensure:

  • Product Quality
  • Product Performance
  • Cost and Complexity Reduction
  • Improved Supplier Chain Efficiency

Our Management Services provide for:

  • Custom Design
  • Product Development
  • Material Optimization
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Tool design and Production


APERTURE® Irremovable Container Cap Closure enables the simple replacement of a standard cap onto a container without interfering with existing manufacturing process,unlike other closed dispenser containers that are very complex and expensive to implement for successful production.

APERTURE® Irremovable Container Cap Closure can be manufactured by various manufacturing techniques including standard injection molding, facilitating different size caps and container configurations.

APERTURE® Irremovable Container Cap Closure facilitates the continuous use of existing production, removing the necessity to certify or register chemicals or liquids in foreign jurisdictions.

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