Laundry Chemicals

The Commercial Laundry Industry consistently encounters the issue of accurate management and controlling the use and safe handling of chemicals.

APERTURE irremovable cap may be designed for specific tube diameters restricting the use of non specific implements. A container cap closure that cannot be re-opened,detached or removed prevents cross contamination of liquids or chemicals.

Prior to the insertion of the tube before initial use, the irremovable cap totally seals the container, so the cap will not vent gas from a liquid while in storage prior to use.
When the tube is inserted through the rubber valve the seal is broken and air is released so that vacuum extraction can take place without the container collapsing.

The irremovable single component, colour coded design provides a clear and simple solution for the identification of liquids.

An Irremovable Container Cap creates a closed container system, for the sole use of a controlled dispensing method, ensuring the safe handling of chemicals, enabling health and safety requirements imposed on the commercial laundry industry. Exercising control as required by legislation and regulatory frameworks, e.g. REACH, ensures safe transport and storage using a closed container system.

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