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In a unique way, an irremovable bottle closure provides a hygienic and tamper proof solution as well as creating added value to product development within the Food and Beverage industry.

General beverage drinks are consumed by drinking from the bottle. This method is not the most hygienic. A more hygienic approach is to use irremovable bottle closure packaging, which will limit the access of the beverage, only by using a straw.

APERTURE®’s one way valve in combination with a flip top bottle cap lid allows the partial consumption of a beverage and allows you to resume utilization another time.

Some beverages are prone to contamination, especially those used in sport. A bottle closure that cannot be re-opened, detached or removed solves this problem.

Due to transfer of above benefits to the End-User/Consumer.

Health Beverages, Childrens Drinks, Infant Formula, Juices, Sport Drinks, Sauces etc. etc.

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