The constant challenge for the Beverage Industry is to maintain brand recognition and to create an added value to their beverage product in order to grow sales. A drinking straw has always been very popular with consumers to drink from a bottle as the method is controlled and hygienic. With an irremovable bottle cap the only method of accessing the drink from within the bottle is by way of a straw.

With an irremovable bottle cap, the only way to access the contents is to insert a straw through the aperture of the cap. The restriction to using a straw provides for a total hygienic method of drinking.
APERTURE®’s one way valve in combination with a flip top bottle cap lid allows the partial consumption of a beverage and allows you to resume utilization another time.
Exercising control as required by legislation and regulatory frameworks, ensures safe transport and storage, a closed bottle system.
An irremovable bottle cap creates novelty and transfers the above benefits to the End-User/Consumer.

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