APERTURE® Irremovable Dispensing Closure innovation solves the problems of complexity and cost of changing the production process to facilitate innovative packaging for dispensing containers.

The simple replacement of a standard cap with an irremovable dispensing closure makes it very easy for fillers to produce a closed container system with very little complexity or limitation.

APERTURE® Irremovable Closure pre use seal ensures safety in transportation and storage, eliminating the requirement for additional caps or seals.

The simple technology comprises of an irremovable closure with an aperture, incorporating a one-way valve moulded as a single component, which cannot be re-opened, detached or removed, unlike current chemical closed loop systems that have multiple components which can be problematic.

Depending on the application, an irremovable closure may be designed so the container will not vent air or gas while in storage prior to use. When the tube is inserted through the rubber valve, the seal is broken and air or gas is released so that vacuum extraction can take place.

APERTURE® Irremovable Closure ensures that when a dispensing tube is inserted through its apertured seal so that vacuum extraction can take place, the dispensing container is prevented from shrinkage or collapse.

Depending on the application or size configuration, an irremovable closure may be produced on a cost basis comparable to known standard cap closures and can conveniently be manufactured by standard injection molding techniques.

An irremovable dispensing closure ensures the use of a controlled dispensing method, preventing misuse, pilferage, contamination, waste and above all the safe handling of chemicals / liquids, enabling health and safety requirements imposed on all types of industry.

An irremovable dispensing closure secures the commercial validity of the liquids provided by the manufacturer or distributor.

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