With an irremovable closure, the liquid contents of a container can only be accessed by inserting a tube through the aperture of the cap from a dispensing device in order to extract the liquid, (general dispensing devices use a tube mechanism design) giving you complete control over who, how and when has access to your liquids, and how much they can take out.

Traditional closures that can be removed does not provide for the control of liquids.

Tamper proof closures are used to restrict the use of liquids with additional container security but as with all caps they must be opened to gain access to the liquid.

Generally dispensing containers used in conjunction with controlled dispensing devices use a removable closure, which allows for uncontrolled and unrestricted dispensing methods.

Being able to unscrew or remove a closure from a container does not provide control.

An Irremovable Closure solves this issue and enables proper handling of liquids. The only way to extract the liquid from a container is to insert a tube from a dispensing device through the aperture of the irremovable closure, ensuring controlled and measured liquid extraction.

Irremovable Info:

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