Irremovable Closure Control

Corresponding Container

The container neck orientation must correspond with the teeth of the APERTURE® Irremovable Closure in order to provide the irremovable function.

APERTURE® Irremovable Closure may be manufactured in multiple sizes and configurations for different types of containers. Whether its a bottle or drum, the container neck must correspond with the particular design of irremovable closure.

The container design data is provided for bespoke container and irremovable closure combinations. For existing containers, a simple modification by the container manufacturer may be necessary for the container to close and correspond with the irremovable closure. This modification avoids the intricate complexity that would otherwise be needed to perform a closed container system.

When a dispensing tube is inserted through the rubber valve of the irremovable closure so that vacuum extraction can take place, the dispensing container will not shrink or collapse.

Irremovable Info:

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