Irremovable Dispensing Control

How It Works

When a container closure cannot be re-opened, detached or removed, how do you get the liquid contents out ?

The APERTURE® Irremovable Closure only allows a tube from a dispensing or dosing device to be inserted through its one way valve to extract the liquid contents by way of vacuum from within a container.

General dispensing devices use a tube mechanism to dispense the liquid from a container.

Prior to the insertion of the tube before initial use, the irremovable closure totally seals the container, so the container will not vent air while in storage prior to use.When the tube is inserted through the rubber valve the seal is broken and air is released so that vacuum extraction can take place without the container shrinking or collapsing.

An irremovable closure may be designed and manufactured to accept any specific size of tube diameter.Typical tube diameters used from general dispensing or dosing devices range from 4mm to 16 mm.

Irremovable Info:

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